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Save For Money

Donate money to NGO and help a child in need.several cases family members decide to stay hungry to save money.non-profit organization bringing

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Charity For Study

development in education system and more opportunities for children to study community development center deals with educational.

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Charity For Water

water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of public donations go to water projects.

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When you bring together those who have, with those who have not – miracles happen. Become a time hero by volunteering with us. Meet new friends, gain new skills, get happiness and have fun!

Our Vision

Truth charitable trust
Truth charitable trust was established to provide food, shelter Clothing and Education to orphans (boys ) who are ill-fated victims of destitution and parental negligence, hailing mainly from the lower strata of society.
Our endeavor is to uplift as mentioned earlier, the poor orphans victims of destiny’s cruelty. A smile on their face is the best reward we can aspire for in return to this noble venture.
This organisation is started for the Integrated development of the poor and marginalized orphans, tribal people, urban poor and other backward people * To give shelter and assistance to aged persons * To start and conduct educational and research institutions for the spiritual and cultural studies * To do all necessary things for the improvement of Social, financial, educational, cultural and patriotic standard of the people..

We are always waiting for your helping hands, human service is the greatest religion